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„ALTER” is a Latin word, means „different”. Our way of thinking about construction is absolutely different. Our main project aim is to introduce to the market a 100 % recyclable building system and a sustainable construction method to build a very low U-value (even 0,09 W/m²K >) building envelope extremely fast.
Currently there is no other construction technology to build a perfect air-tight envelope (wall, floor, ceiling, roof) using the same building element with equal thermal insulation properties all around.
This technology also provides outstanding structural rigidity to the envelope. Our buildings are sustainable ones and follow the passive house standards.
Our building element has been developed and prototypes already has been introduced. First mobile house has been built and now we are building the world first and the smallest mobile passive house.
ALTERAX benefits the huge recycling potential of our green concrete and steel. We have our own R&D background.
ALTERAX enables to build different cost effective „passive” (3-litre house) or even better (NZEB or ZEB) buildings not only residential homes, but apartment buildings, industrial buildings (e.g. cold stores), commercial buildings (e.g. shopping centers), swimming pools, green roofs, mobile homes etc.
It is very attractive to use in renovations and upgrades, for example building hip-roof on an old flat roof.

We also build machines to blend different materials for green consrtuction.

Scope of projects design

Scope of ALTERAX project is very broad since it can be a smart decision for not only private persons but investors, companies, municipalities and governments to build public buildings like schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, government housing etc.

Quality isolation

ALTERAX is using innovative and sustainable technologies for reduction of primary energy consumption in all kind of buildings, reducing greenhouse gas emission by increased energy efficiency in new and retrofitted buildings.

Quick Plumbing

We place tubes and wires inside the isolation.

Condo remodeling

Without sustainable buildings there is no sustainable future. ALTERAX building has a number of positive and attractive consequences: up to 90 % energy saving, resale value increase up to 30-35 %, up to 15-20 % higher rental rates, occupancy rate up to 18 % higher.

Kitchen Remodeling

Our green concrete is easy to form and has special features like abuse resistance, waterproof, fireproof etc.

Tiling & Painting

Our green concrete can be used as floor cover. It can be painted.

Special Roofing

Our green concrete can be used as roof tile laid directly on the isolation material. It is UV-resistant, no cracking, no mildew etc.

Mobile Buildings

Our Mobile Home has minimum 15 cm insulation, plastered wall, can be built on site (no transport size limitation), no wood structure, galvanised steel platform and frame, no thermal bridges, no condensation in the wall, no cracking etc.

General Contracting

Our homes are very fast to build, future-proof mobile homes, low maintenance cost, fast return on investment, comparable comfort level to regular homes etc.

High Quality materials

Our concrete is sustainable green product. We use only high quality materials.

House Renovation

ALTERAX building presents not only a building system with no thermal bridges, fire-, tornado- and earthquake resistance features but it is a concept considering the LCA and sustainability.

Mobile Home construction on site

We know how to build a mobile home on site.

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